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"Slumber, a sweet repose,
tis but a tool to trick eternity and to try to forget one's woes.
And yet to slumber do both alive and undead both return,
one for the rest required to rise the next day and get on with their lives,
another to rest and rise when their unlife has become less burdensome.
I waited as I slumbered, I hesitated in my awakening, till I heard the sweet call of a voice long time heard, long time gone,
long time returning,
as it wafted through the air of the night, it sang out my name, it called to me, I
I responded, and white silk, sheer -  that in which I slumbered was heard to rustle at my frist movements to answer that voice's call.
It was the call of a lover to another,
his name Sirocco, mine Desiree, and that is how he called unto me,
with all of his desires.
So rise I once more to walk this earth,
rise I to walk beside the only one to which I shall ever be bound,
ever be held, ever to be one with in this unlife called eternal night."

It is the way I believe a love hears another love, even beyond the bonds of physical struture. It is a piece about a love that is tronger than eitherof them are and even out of the deepest of sleeps they cann each other to rise.
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May 15, 2005
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